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This was new for me and the pain was unreal. I could hear him wanking so I pulled back and put my open mouth at the glory hole. He sucked like a seasoned expert and his tongue was all over my balls when it wasn't rolling around the head of my cock. Halfway through I came across a fountain. He knelt down and again traced the glory hole with his finger. The thing that shocked

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me was the amount of younger lads that were there.

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Deine eier sind dick und voller saft, na denn wirds zeit, gib ihn jetzt mir, ich blas und schleck ihn dir, lass meine zunge spielen, meine lippen ihn umschließen und ich hohl ich mir, deinen geilen saft, spritz mich denn voll mit aller kraft, und. I knelt down and licked his hole but he clenched so I couldn't eat my cum from inside him. It was for 'Men Only' and boasted a sex shop with gay cruising through a nondescript door. He positioned himself behind me and the next thing I know there was two cocks being pounded in and out of my hole. I stood there and wanked as each guy tore him a new one fir a minute before pulling out and the next guy would slide inside.

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A passer-by offered my some of his poppers so I greatly accepted and took a few big hits before he lidded the bottle and went to the maze. There was a 20-something aged lad a few chairs down from me, butt naked. He must have cum too as he pulled out of the hole he was fucking looking spent. Another lad came in at this point and wanted to take my place, so I moved into the cell with the skater twink and stood behind him enjoying the show. I paid my 10 for a 16-hour readmittance ticket and walked. My sucker shuffled over and started a double penetration with the duo. There's one right next to a McDonald's. I made my way to check out the prison room. The croud was hugely mixed. Thanks guys, happy fucking!

sex treffen chat sexshops hamburg

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I was fucking this lad, a complete and utter stranger, through a glory hole. As my penis went through, I felf his lips open and he engulfed my shaft. There was a lad my age in the sling with 5 older guys in leather around him. I felt the lad empty his balls inside. I stood up and pushed my cock through the hole. He spread his arse cheeks apart so I slid my cock. His semi cock came through and I sucked him until he was hard. I heard the guy in the other booth leave and his spot was taken straight away. As I slid balls deep inside his used hole, another maze goer found us and started sucking my cum dump lad. I moved on as he finished pissing.

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Pornos filme erste mal frauenkleidung I was disapointed but when I left my booth he was waiting outside. I decided to do the maze again. Tags: porno de gays gay relationship advice gay sport video, added: :7:18. And my god was his hole being trashed. My next adventure was one of the sling rooms.
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Sex treffen chat sexshops hamburg I needed to cum again so I headed sex treffen chat sexshops hamburg back to the toilets to wash my cock again before the next guy. The lad turned and his cock came through the glory hole. As always, thumbs up and comments appreciated.