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During the festival, use the mobile app WGT Guide for Android and iPhone to keep track of all events and venues and to create your own personal festival schedule. Jana Schönrath Black Market at WGT The Black Market at the agra festival site is a huge hall full of vendors of dark clothing, accessoires, music and decor during Wave Gotik Treffen (you need the official WGT wristband to get in). If youre from abroad and

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shipping is difficult: You can still get tickets in Leipzig during the festival! The exact schedule will be announced in the LVB news. Organ Choir Concert French Cathedral Music of the 19th and 20th Century Music by César Franck, Francis Poulenc and Maurice Duruflé for organ and choir.

wave gotik treffen bilder sperma muschi fetish

Juni Leipzig Café Albert Small and cosy café in Leipzigs hip Plagwitz district in the west end. Saturday, May 19, 2 pm 5 pm, Deutsches Kleingärtnermuseum, Aachener Str. Expect longer lines, especially on Thursday and Friday. (Please note that this is an insider event at a secret location that is only disclosed to registered members. Leipzig Mondschein / Dunkelrestaurant Leipzig At this restaurant, eating in total darkness will challenge your senses! Find more information in the official programme! Cynderellas Welt Cynderellas Welt Cynderellas Welt You can find more information here soon! Moritzbastei houses several events during WGT make sure not to miss it! To help you find out how exactly you can get to Leipzig, check out all the options we put together for you on our website.

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